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5. Dezember 2008, 11:26
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„There are several things that need to occur. It won’t be quick, easy or painless.

  1. We need to let the banks fail that can’t stand on their own two feet. Who cares about their derivative positions. Just let them fail. Period. It was all fake wealth created anyways – it wasn’t real.
  2. We need to let the healthy banks thrive as a result of the bigger banks falling – this will happen naturally.
  3. We need to abolish the Federal Reserve. If you want a Central Bank – then make one that is owned and controlled by government and fully audited, not a private corporation that has NEVER been audited like the current system. I’m tired of Federal Reserve bankers getting all the bailouts and having the power to print money and affect interest rates and being promoted into high government posts after having made such a mess.
  4. Government needs to get out of all special interest programs and slash expenditures. There are trillions of dollars being wasted on programs that aren’t necessary and are outside the spectrum of what government should do.
  5. Issue a new currency that is NOT debt. Right now every dollar is debt. Dollar = Debt.
  6. Abolish fractional reserve banking. Every dollar should be a real dollar. Period. No printing “fake” money on a fractional basis.
  7. Tax reform is needed badly. Get rid of death taxes, property taxes, income taxes, and corporate taxes – if we didn’t have government so large, we wouldn’t need these taxes. A sales tax based on consumption would be more fair and would reward savers and wealth building within the nation. We could also use service fees and tariffs to help balance the budget. We didn’t have income taxes until just recently!! Remember, we must get rid of MOST government departments that aren’t vital so we can afford to reform the taxes.
  8. Companies like GM, Ford and Chrysler need to get a bank to loan them money or file Chapter 11 and reorganize until they are healthy and once again competitive and financially sustainable.

Would the plan above be painful? Of course! Once we fix the underlying problems it would be much better for our society in the long run.“

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Genau so funktioniert die FREIE Marktwirtschaft! Liberalismus verhindert nicht Bankrotte, sondern lässt sie zu. Liberalismus ist nicht „shiny happy economy“! Wer behauptet, der „Neoliberalismus“ habe versagt, sagt wohl das richtige („Neoliberale sind ja nicht so ‚extrem‘ liberal wie reine Liberale), meint aber das Falsche… Hier sind klare Blicke gefordert!


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